Young Voices from Birmingham....

This web space is the focal point for an exciting project taking place in Birmingham in the Autumn of 2003.

"I've had a very happy afternoon looking at the poems on your website. It's wonderful to see so many people delving into their imaginations, and writing poems that are adventures/consolations/enquiries/self-communings - you name it. You're doing a wonderful job (if I may say so); I'll greatly look forward to making some return visits"
Andrew Motion. Poet Laureate


Congratulations to all of the Year 8 writers.  The website now has a fantastic quantity of really good and varied work on it.  We have reached the official end of the project, but if any of you have any alterations you want to make to what is on your page, you are welcome to send them to me.  It is likely that a great many people will read these poems over the next few months, so I really want to be sure that you are happy with what is here in your name.  Just as before, you can e-mail me, or post alterations in the Drafting Room

Year Eight students at three schools  in Birmingham - Park View, Sheldon Heath and Golden Hillock - have been working with local theatre writer Peter Wynne-Willson, on a project which is part of Writing Together; a prestigious national project to encourage creative writing with professional writers in schools, headed up by Andrew Motion. [To read his Guardian article about the scheme, All in the Imagination', click here]

Our bit of the project is more or less finished now.  We had a full day of poetry writing in each school in October, and followed it up with a five week online period, where writers submitted and discussed and re-drafted poetry on the site.  You can see the way this space developed by visiting The Drafting Room .  Or you can browse through the poems as they ended up, by visiting the pages for each school.   If you have any comments, or you want to chip in with some work of your own.. feel free to post them in the Drafting Room .

Park View School Poems
Golden Hillock School Poems
Sheldon Heath School Poems

The next stage of Writing Together is a series of National Conferences in 2004, during which this project will be one of the model projects discussed.  For further information on these or any other aspects of the project, contact Nikki Marsh on 020-8516 2976 or email

Writing Together is a DFES funded project, a collaboration between the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the KS3 National Literary Strategy, and is run by a steering committee with representatives from Book Trust, the Poetry Society, NAWE, and the Arts Council. 



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