This is a story made up by the pupils of Uffculme and some of their pictures.....

The Magic Gong

Once, long ago, there were two kings.  One of them, the king of China, was a good man, who lived in a great palace in the rainforest.  The other was the evil king, who lived in the black castle in the Bitter Mountains.   These two kings were the worst of enemies.


One day the King of China called a meeting of all the young people of the country.  They needed to talk about the wrestling.  The king knew that half of the young people liked the wrestling, and half did not, so he called this meeting to decide what to do.  There was a big argument.  Some people said that the wrestling and the boxing should go on, and others said that it should stop.  Soon the arguing was so loud that the king called for the magic gong.


The magic gong was old, big, metal and loud.  It was used at the beginning and end of sumo wrestling matches.  When you banged the gong, it made noises which changed in the air.  Sometimes, a face appeared in the shiny front of the gong, and it spoke to whoever banged it.  The magic gong was the King’s very favourite thing, and it was worth more than a million pounds.


The King also used to bang the gong when he wanted everyone to be quiet.  So when the argument in the palace got very loud, he banged the gong for everyone to be quiet.  But they were so cross, that they did not hear the gong, and the noise went on.  The king became more and more angry.  He asked them to be quiet, he shouted at them, and finally he cried at the top of his voice, ‘Stooooopp!’   When they quietened down he pointed to the gong and said, ‘Why did you not stop when I banged the gong?’  ‘What gong?’, they answered.  The king looked, and he saw that the gong was gone.


While all the argument was going on, a spy from the evil King, called Etip Manorami had sneaked in, dressed in a cloak, and stolen the magic gong.  Before anyone had realised, he had escaped and gone.   Gong and bring it back at once.


The king of China was furious.  He knew at once who to blame, the evil king.  He called for his very best warrior, a Viking called Henry.  He sent him to find the gong.


Henry set off at once.  First he went into the forest, to Jogging Pants World, to get what he needed for his brave journey.  He got the outfit he needed, and then at the next shop along, which was called Fridge World, he got the little bottle that was going to help him even more.  This was a bottle of a special potion, which made things invisible.  Henry poured most of the bottle on himself, and he disappeared.  Invisible, he crept all the way up the Bitter Mountains to the Black Castle.   The Evil King, was admiring the magic gong when suddenly it seemed to disappear from his hand.  In fact what happened was that Henry emptied the last few drops of the invisibility potion over the gong.  In his surprise, the Evil King let go of the invisible instrument, and Henry was able to grab it, and run away.  As he went, he was splashed with water, and the potion began to wash off.  But it was too late to catch him, and he managed to run all the way back to the King of China. 


When he got back, the King was so pleased he hit the gong so loud that everyone could hear.  The face appeared in the gong, and said that there would be a big celebration party.  Everyone in China came to the party and they danced and sang all night, until the gong was struck again to send them home.


From that day on, the magic gong has never left the King of China’s palace.  It is still struck at the beginning and end of wrestling matches, and the evil king has never been heard of again.





and here is a short poem that we made up together................


At The Beach


I went to the beach and I saw

One big-belly donkey walking very slow

Two lovely gorgeous starfish swimming in the sea

Three naughty noisy nice sea-lions honking and throwing sand

Four pinching fighting finger-biting crabs snap-snapping someone’s toe

That’s what I saw when I went to the beach


Uffculme School  Autumn 2002


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and some of the happiest moments of our lives......



As well as these poems, we have also done some other poems about happy moments, and we have been doing drama about all kinds of things.  More will appear on this website later......


Christmas Eve


I had the happiest day on Christmas Eve

I had an orange face

I was skipping in the living room

My brain was like popcorn

My heart was beating

I saw my family and Mum and Dad too

They were sorting the party out

My sister opened the present

My pets were in the kitchen being stupid

Mum said to me come open your present

Dad said lets have a party

Yes said my friends

I felt really happy jumping like a kangaroo

I felt really happy on that day

I opened my biggest present

My dog was being stupid

My cat was eating bread

My fish was gobbling in the fish tank


By Siobhan