We have started a project, looking at stories with Class Six.  Here is a poem we made up in the first session.....


Space Stadium is packed for the big match

The Foggies, champions of the premier league of clouds

Up against Moon United, the Planets Cup-winners.

A clash of the Titans.

A crowd of stars fills the stands,

Twinkling and cheering

As the sun blows his ray of sunshine

To kick off,

Ballet music fills the air,

As the moon slow-motions across the galaxy.


Sir Alex Virgo-son and Cloudio Ranieri look on anxiously

As their teams battle away.

Orion Giggs, jinking up the Milky Way

Crosses to Teddy Staringham

And the moon bends into the top corner

Of the black hole

And disappears

One Nil, One Nil, chant the clouds

And a shooting star lights the sky

Some asteroids are on the pitch

They think itís all overÖ.

It is now.