Year Five pupils at St Albans have been working with Peter Wynne-Willson on their writing.  Here is some of the work we have been doing.


If the moon were a football......


Space Stadium


The stars are spread across the galaxy pitch

Picked out by the sun's floodlights

A Milky Way of fans stretches behind and around Venus and Jupiter, the goals,

and the rings of Saturn, the team benches.

Mars, the strict chocolate referee,  tightens his asteroid belt, blows his whistle,

And the great game kicks off.


The moon  floats across the night sky

Between Blackhole Rovers and Meteorite Wanderers.

Cheered on by the Martian cheerleaders

Orion Giggs hurtles like a comet up the wing

Sends in a cross with swinging orbit

Onto the head of Neptune

But the moon rockets harmlessly past

And free of gravity, flies far into the darkness.

Sat on Saturn, the subs sigh,

Shooting stars fly from the crowd

Each planetary players take up his position and wait s

For the moon to come into to his orbit.


Who will win the universal match?


In the dull dark village of Eyam I saw:

One church, praying like a lonely monk,

Two old wooden carts, carrying wreaths of flowers round the possessions of the dead,

Three sick, abandoned children surviving, hanging on for dear life,

Four crumbling boundary-stones crying vinegar tears, and

Five empty graves, waiting like worried friends.


Year 5 St Albans School