Year Two at Parkfield School in Wolverhampton have been working with Peter, as part of the Write On Project, writing poems and stories, and even after only one session they have done some great work.


We made up a whole story together, and a great group poem, and then they worked in groups and wrote loads of poems.....

Here is the story:

Mr  Dumpty Head


Mr Dumpty Head was a clown.  He worked at the circus, making everybody laugh, falling over, or bumping into people or even splatting big custard pies in his face.  He was probably the funniest clown in the whole circus, maybe even in the whole world.  He had a white face, a big red nose, and a curly red wig.


One morning, he was sitting waiting for the show to begin.  He opened his sandwich box, got out a lovely little red apple, and nibbled on it.  As he nibbled the apple, it began to turn pink in front of his eyes.  Mr Dumpty Head scratched his bald head [He was bald when he was not wearing his curly red wig]  'That's strange, he thought, 'an apple that changes colour...this is going to be a funny day'


He decided to go for a walk and clear his head.  As he walked, he went past a garden, and he heard a little boy, calling for help.  He looked over the garden wall, and there was the boy, running around.  He was being chased by a big red scratchy cat.  He ran so fast, that he slipped over on a watery puddle.  Mr Dumpty Head picked him up, and helped him escape from the cat.  He took him to the doctor.  'It is a funny day' he said.  Then he walked on.


As he walked on, he met Mr Boingy, bouncing along the road.    Boing, boing, he went, bouncing happily and high.  'Have you seen my little red wallet', he asked Mr Dumpty Head.  'No, I haven't', shall I help you look?'  So together they looked for the little red wallet.  They looked up the climbing tree, under the mushrooms and toadstools, behind the bush.  They asked the hedgehog, the whale, the spider and the swordfish, but nobody had seen the little red wallet.  In the end, they found it, in the house of the cheeky red monkey.  What a funny day.


Mr Dumpty Head rushed back to the circus, but when he got there, the ringmaster was angry with him.  'You are late!  Quick! '  Mr Dumpty Head grabbed his red nose, and ran into the ring.  But he had forgotten to put on his curly red wig.  Everybody laughed at him.  They laughed at his red nose and his white face, but most of all they laughed at his bald head.  He ran round and round, then he fell over and landed right in the pie.  SPLAT!!  Everybody laughed..  The only person not laughing was Mr Dumpty Head.  He didn't think it was such a funny day after all.


The end.


and a poem that we all wrote together....


I went to the park and I saw

One big sky-blue pond

2 smooth bare benches

3 stretchy metal monkey-bars

4 scruffy scampering squirrels


 and some of the wonderful poems written by the class in groups....


I went to the park and I saw

One silver slides

Coloured  leaves

Fluffy clouds

And hard metal swings


I went to the beach and I saw

Shells and lines

A light blue bucket

Seaweed is green

Sand which is gold

Boats are white

Masts are red


Clouds are grey

Blue sky

And an ice-cream van




I went to the zoo and I saw

Two brown monkeys

Three white and orange tigers

and a hippopotamus



I went to the park and I saw

One pond,  it is blue

Two multi-coloured leaves falling down

And three squirrels



I went to the zoo and I saw

1 enormous tall tree

2 cheeky monkeys

3 fluffy fierce lions

4 long-necked giraffes



I went to the beach and

I saw some seashells

I saw some sand

I saw some seawater, sky blue

I saw some seaweeds green

I saw some people

Everything we saw at the beach today

The end


I went to the park and I saw

Soft squirrel,

Blue slides,

Big brown benches,

Big trees,

And helicopters


I went to the park and I saw

1 slippery side

2 big roundabouts

3 fat oak trees

4 big butterflies



I looked outside and saw

One bright big yellow sun

Two large leaping lions

Three slithering sliding snakes

Four clawing crocodiles


I went to the zoo and I saw

One zampy zoo-keeper

Two giant enormous grey elephants

Three grand giraffes

Four closed cages


We have also made up a whole story, about an interesting character - which the children could tell you all about, if you ask them......and made up several whole plays, which they could probably perform for you....

and then we went back to poems


Like this one, which we made up together.....

What if the beach were made of chocolate?
The beach is made of chocolate,
And the sea is bubblegum pop,
The candyfloss clouds are high
In the apple and water sky,
And the hot yellow lollipop sun
Shines stickily on everyone.
The rocks are rock-hard mints
Covered in apple-lace string,
Cola-bottle pebbles, and toffee shells,
Sprinkle the strawberry sand.

I will float,

In a boat,
Over the pop-bubbly sea,
Collect all of the sweets,
And take them home for tea.

and all of these 'what if' poems were made up by little groups of Year 2......



What if the classroom was made out of chocolate?

What if a kangaroo grew in the hole in the ceiling?

What if the sea was made out of gravy

What if the sand was made out of mashed potato

What if the sun was made out of egg?

What if the school was shaped like a tiger?




If the beach turned into Sweetland

If the sand was hot chocolate

If the sun was cocoa

If the shark's fins were pizzas

If the rocks were jelly

If the snails shell was the sea shells


What If...

What if the dinosaurs were still alive,

and T Rex came in the classroom?

What if the beach was chocolate, and the sun was a yellow sticky sweet?

What if the wax crayons were made out of ice?

What if the sea was made of lemonade?

What if the trees were made of toffee?


The Park

What if...

The trees are made out of snow

The sand is made out of pop

The pond is made out of gravy

The boat is made out of caterpillars

The snow is made out of candy

The sun is made out of lollipop

The bench is made out of jelly


What if?

The sand is made out of mashed potato

The sea is made out of gravy

The sun is made out of beans

The sky is made out of berries

The boat is made out of carrots

The sandcastle is made out of broccoli

The people are made out of milk

The spade is made out of chocolate



What if the beach was made of chocolate,

The sky was made of blue water?

What if a lion came into class?

The pond is magic, it is shiny,

The hot yellow lollipop sun,

The boat is made out of caterpillars.



What if trees were made of toffee?

What if cars go by themselves?

What if Monday was really Tuesday?

What if pencils were made of chocolate?

What if blood was really ice?

What if the beach was made of strawberry ice cream?



What if the pebbles were made out of ice?

What if the snails could speak?

What if a lion came to school?

What if the table was made of jelly?

What if the sea was made out of orange juice?

What if we had magic powers?

What if the ball was made out of an orange?

What if some people liked yuck soup?


and lastly this mad one.....


If I can fly I will fly to Bethlehem

If the shark's fin was gravy

and the candyfloss was blue.....