Miss Waite's year 2 Class have been working with Peter on their writing.  This is a story we made up together......


The Captured Cheetah-Tigers


Once there was a family of tiger-cheetahs.  They were not tigers , or cheetahs, but a mixture  between the two.  They had stripes and spots.  They lived in a crazy country, the kingdom of the jungles, Arobiay.


One night, a terrible thing happened.  A cruel, selfish man from a zoo came into the jungle, with a big van, and two cages.  He was guarded by vicious wolves, and by robot-monster policemen, and together they tricked the cheetah-tigers by putting food in the cages, and persuading them in.  The nasty zoo-man closed the cages, and the cheetah-tigers were trapped.

Half-belly the cheetah tiger had a long tail, with a metal tip.  Just as the van was about to set off to take them all to the zoo, he used this clever tail to open the latch of the cage, and escaped.  He ran as fast as he could [which was very fast indeed] across the kingdom of the jungles to where the Queen of Arobiay, Queen Apres the Crocodile lived.  He rushed up to her


‘Your Majesty, Your Longness, Your Snappiness, Your Scariness, you must help me.  The horrible zoo-man has captured my family.  Please, gather together a herd of animals.  Help me set them free.  If you do this for me, I will find a king crocodile for you.  Please.’


The Queen sent a message to all the animals of the kingdom, and the monkeys swung through the trees, spreading this message.  Soon a big herd of animals was gathered.  Wild cats, tarantulas, scorpions, giant boa constrictors, rhinos, lions, elephants and tiger sharks all joined in.  The copy cat followed, and then came the copy dog.  Together they went across the jungle to the zoo-man’s cages.


They waited until the wolves guarding the cages were asleep, the robot-monster-police were eating metal doughnuts, cakes and bananas, and the zooman was crunching his teeth on a metal Satsuma.  They sneaked open the cages, and let the animals escape.  They drove the van back into the jungle, and had a great party.


All of the animals all danced happily all night.  They listened to the jungle-mungle rock and roll, dancing the dancer mancer and the famous jungle tango.  The tiger-cheetah found a king crocodile for Queen Apres, as he had promised, and they all lived snappily ever after.




and a poem we wrote together.....


I went to the beach and I saw…

One enormous sandcastle with slidey yellow sand,

Two colourful broken shells, shining in my hand,

Three pinchy, spiky crabs snapping claws at me,

Four pretty blue fishing boats sailing on the sea,

Five cute brown donkeys with a child riding on each,

That is what I saw on my day at the beach.


Year 2 - Our Lady School 2002