From Autumn 2005 I have been working two days a week as the Early Years Development Worker for Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the Birmingham Family Learning Base.  The aim is to develop the Early Years work at the Rep, while supporting a range of programmes being run for parents and young children across the city.

Some of this work is linked to specific performances at the Rep; the first being Oily Cart's production of 'If All the World Were Paper'.  a total of 200 people came to see this through the project, more than 90% of whom had never attended a theatre before.  I am currently carrying out a programme of visits to these groups, using drama to follow up the visit.

The Rep's own commissioned production of 'When Dreams Come Out to Play' is the next linked project.

There are some notes on the philosophical approach to this work here.  Also, a breakdown for parents and early years workers of the kind of sessions that I will be running as part of the project here.