In New Hall School, Sutton Coldfield, Mrs Jurczak's class in Year 3  have been working with Peter on our writing.  So far, we have learned a story from Korea, called The Story of Sun and Moon, acted some of it out, and written our own versions. 


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Squidgy munchy crunchy nice rice-cakes....tasty yummy rice-cakes sitting in a basket.......squidgy squashy thick rice-cakes.....spiteful stripy tiger gobbling Mum....angry vicious evil tiger.....slippery slithery sesame oil, making the tiger slide......shiny shimmery bright sun in the blue sky.........

Long ago there was a boy and a girl and their mum in a house where they lived.  The house was near to a forest.  Every day the mum went to work very early.  When the girl and boy were in bed.  Mother comes home with food, and money to buy their clothes and more food. 

But the mother was afraid because there lived a tiger on top of a high hill.  She had to go, or she would not get any money and food.

 One sunny day on the way home with a basket of rice-cakes, in front of her jumped a tiger. 

 ‘I’m hungry’ and the mum said, ‘J j j j ust have a rice-cake’, so the tiger jumped into a bush…..



Once there was a tiger that was hungry.  When something caught his eye.  A woman coming home with rice-cakes.  The tiger jumped out of the trees and in front of the woman.  The woman was frightened of the tiger, and so she gave him a rice-cake.  So the tiger went back into the trees….



Long ago, far away in Korea in a little wooden house lived a boy and girl.  They lived with their mother.  The children were asleep, so the mother set off to work, to the rich family.  When she got back, suddenly a tiger leapt out, and the woman said, ‘have one of my rice-cakes’



…..The mom sighed a huge sigh of relief and walked on.  The tiger jumped out again.

‘Nice tiger, look, have a rice cake’ she trembled.  The tiger sniffed it, and then gulped it down in one go.  Then he ate the rest. ‘I’m still hungry’, growled the tiger. 

Then he ate mom.



I was walking among the trees when I could smell an outstanding smell.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, as there sitting in a basket they were scrumptious rice cakes.  So I leapt out and roared a great roar.  That lady was petrified, she was frozen stiff. ‘Don’t eat me’ she pleaded, ‘here have a rice cake’  I licked my lips and gave a grin.  I ate the rice-cakes as quick as a flash and then I leaped into the trees and sped off.  Five minutes later I leapt out and gave an almighty roar, you should have seen her face.  The worthless human said, ‘I’ve got no more rice cakes for you to eat’ ‘Oh well, I will just eat you then’


 …Then he dressed up in Mum’s clothes, and walked to the children’s house and knocked on the door.  The children were so excited that mom was home. 

‘Right, it might not be her, let’s do one more test.  Put your eye through the keyhole.  Why is it so red?’

Because I squirted chilli in my eye’

‘Put your hand through the door.  Why is it so yellow and fluffy?’


 The little girl and the little boy were scared to death when they saw the orange, gloomy tail.  They ran as fast as they could.  Their hearts were pounding like a puppy barking with excitement.  They climbed up the tree with a sharp axe, looking like it was the end of the tale.  The tiger ran like a mad person would.  He came to the well and exclaimed, ‘Aha!  There you are.  You thought you could escape’  The children laughed because it was funny.’  The tiger noticed. ‘How did you get up there, he grumbled horribly. ‘We used sesame oil’ replied the girl with a sneaky trick up her sleeve.  The tiger put slippery sesame oil on his paws.  The tiger was so hungry he could eat everybody in the world.  He climbed the tree and fell with a CLOMP.



When mom went to work the tiger ate mom up.  The tiger thought, so he knocked on the door.  He put his hand in, and he put his eye in.  The children climbed up the tree and they went up into the sky.  The tiger died.




…the tiger wanted to know how to get up the tree, and the little girl said oil.  So he put some oil on his paws, but he fell down.

‘You never used oil.  What did you use?’

‘An axe’


So he got an axe and climbed the tree


‘Sky god.  If you want us to live, bring down a strong rope.  If you want us to die bring down a rotten rope’


The tiger got right up the tree. ‘Skygod if you want me to die bring me a strong rope, if you want me to live bring down a rotten rope’  God sent down a rotten rope and it snapped, and he fell down and blood was all over the field.  The boy was the moon and the girl was the sun.  The girl and boy were so happy, because the tiger never got the children, and they laughed.



As well as working on this story, we have been making up poems. 

Here is one very good poem that Jack wrote and put on my Message Board



Small, heart-shaped,

With a crack down the middle

And sobbing eyes

It smells like tears

The colour is pale red

Its arms and legs are drooped



and these are two pieces we wrote together.


Dear Mum and Dad


I have arrived at the hotel.  It is nice, but a little strange.

It is full of jelly babies, who jump up and down


Put their jelly arms in the air and shout out.

The big jelly baby sits in a blue chair

And there is a jelly teddy, who they sometimes hug

And get sticky.

The jelly babies line up in snakes

To leave and enter

Which they do through doors

Instead of the normal way of passing through walls

The teacher is thin and yellow, with a red hat

She is called Miss Homework, and she sits on the wall

Every now and then

The big jelly baby pushes a boat

Across a white sea on the wall

Or draws on it in black lines.


There is a nice tuck box for me to sleep in

And a line of blue toilets under the window.

The jelly babies eat chocolate bars called buddy cards

And food shapes called hexagons, pentagons and other strange names.


The hotel is decorated with a beautiful skeleton

And pictures of our planet

And the stars, called phonemes


On the wall there is a round white spaceship with numbers

Which the big jelly baby watches closely

Especially as the day goes on.


I think I will enjoy my stay here in this hotel

But it will take a while to get used to


Must go now…it is nearly playtime

When the jelly babies suddenly make much louder noises

And try to knock each other over.


See you soon.  Love from




New Hall Lullaby


Shh Chantelle, no more screams

Lovely dreams

Softly sweetly gently sway

Tears away

Shhh my baby, do not cry

Mum knows why

Think of flowers and lovely smells

Dream of magic stories that she tells