We have just begun a five week project at Mansfield Green School, and already we have written poems and stories, and started having some real fun with our writing.  Here is the very first thing we made up together...a little adventure story.......


The Twister and the Tiger

Many years ago, in the past, before there were all of the things that we have now – playstations, televisions, ipods, phones and everything – there was a little boy called Charlie.  He lived in Japan, in a cottage in the country, with straw on its roof.  Charlie’s family was very poor.  He did not have a mum, and his Dad was always out working.  He looked after the tigers out in the woods on the mountain, and he was out working with them every night.


The one day, when Charlie was in the house on his own, the sky went dark   Grey clouds covered every inch, and they were turning to black.  The wind was whistling through the trees.  Charlie looked out of the window, and saw one tall spinning cloud moving across the mountain towards the house.  It was a tornado – a twister.  It was at the house quickly.  Everything started flying into the air.  Charlie held on to anything he could, but it was no use.  Then, just as he thought he was gone, he saw his Dad, riding the biggest tiger he had ever seen, coming out of the trees.  The tiger ran to the house.  His eyes were flashing, he was not afraid of the wind.  He was stronger than the tornado, and faster than its strongest wind.  Charlie’s Dad grabbed him by the jumper, and pulled him up onto the tiger’s back, and they rode off, away from the tornado.  Charlie held tight to the tiger’s stripy fur with one hand, and his Dad’s back with the other, as they leaped over fences, dodged falling trees, and rode away to safety.


A little later, when the storm had died away, Charlie and his Dad went back to where their house had been.  There were some piles of wood and straw, and some broken furniture, but that was all.  They found some of their clothes hanging in the branches of nearby trees.  Charlie found his boots on opposite sides of the house.  They began the slow job of building their house again.  But they knew they were lucky to be alive.  They knew that they owed their lives to an animal that most people in the world are afraid of – the brave and noble tiger.


Here is a poem we made up together...


I went to the beach and I saw…

One big bell shimmering shell,

Two wiggly-woggly squeaky dolphins,

Three snippy snapping crawling crabs,

Four wild ferocious scary sharks.



and some that the class made up in groups....



I went to outer space and I saw…

One bright golden shiny sun,

Two silver crater tiny moons,

Three green squishy ugly horrible martians,

Four colourful ringed large planets,

Five browned oval light UFOs.


I went to the funfair and I saw…

One wiggly-woggly volcano ride,

Two fast bumping wobbly cars,

Three up and down spinning roller-coasters,

Four screaming shouting children with their hair in the air,

Five in the water out of the water boat rides.



I went to the beach and I saw…

One splashy wiggly wobbly whale swimming around,

Two leaping jumping dolphins eating fish,

Three ferocious angry giant sharks,

Four small golden happy starfish,

Five children chasing red and blue balls.


I went to the zoo and I saw…

One big sticky muddy elephant,

Two wild ferocious scary lions,

Three cheeky little ugly monkeys,

Four black and white and stripy zebras,

Five black and orange ferocious tigers.


I went to the zoo and I saw…

One naughty jumpy grey gorilla,

Two fast spotty sporty cheetahs,

Three long large laughing lions,

Four running roaring rampaging.


and another quite different one, that we all made up together....



 Anger stamps into the room

Like a giant spider.

Red and purple,

A bumble bee with lizard skin,

With yellow vampire teeth,

Bald and furry,

With sharp nails and knives, looking as if he might eat people.

He stomps like an elephant towards us,

Clawing for the brains of the children,

Everyone is scared when furious anger bursts in,


They run away,

Looking for help.