This page has some of the work that Year 2  have been doing with Peter this term.  First, this is a story we made up together....

The Eagle and the Seagull


Once there was a fast brown eagle, with long fluttery pointy wings.   She had a friend; a white seagull with soft smooth wings. 


The weather was getting cold, and the eagle was ready to fly south for the winter.


‘Can I come?’, said the seagull.  ‘Of course’, said the eagle.



Together they set off.  They flew and flew.  After a long flight,  they needed a rest. They looked for a nest.  They soon found one, but it was not big enough for two.  ‘Let’s race to the fir-tree’, said the eagle. ‘Whoever wins can sleep in the nest’.


They started to race. The eagle was very fast.  Much faster than the seagull.  She flew faster and faster and faster.  She was going to win easily, but she went so fast her feathers started to come loose.  One by one they flew off.  Suddenly the eagle was not flying, she was falling.  Down, down, down towards the sea.  The seagull came along, and saw her falling.  ‘Great’ she thought, ‘now I can win the nest.  But instead of flying on, she swooped down to catch the eagle, before she fell into the sea.  She caught her just in time.


The eagle was very pleased, but without any feathers she was very cold.  The seagull snuggled her down in the nest, and went to sleep on top of her to keep her warm. 


....and a poem Peter made up from autumn stories we told him....


Autumn Dangers

  Looking at the treetops

Dappled in the sun

Thinking that a short walk

Would be great fun

No-one ever understands

How tricky it can be

Walking in the autumn

Past the changing trees


A red and yellow leaf

Hit Harry on the head

‘What you hitting me for?’

Angry Harry said.

He slipped on the fallen leaf

Fell down and cracked his nut

In hospital the butterflies

Flew down and stitched the cut


Georgia in the farmyard

Trod in the tractor track

Her welly sank in deeper

And she couldn’t get it back

She toppled over sideways

Her sock in the muddiest place

She tried to pull her welly out

And fell down on her face


Gurdev and his family

Were playing in the wood

‘Stop throwing those conkers’

said his Dad in angry mood

He lined them up for telling-off

‘Stop that!”’ was all he’d said

When a conker fell down from the tree

And landed on his head

They tried to keep straight faces

But couldn’t stop the laughter

Dad could not be cross with them

From then on ever after.


Looking out of windows

On sunny autumn mornings

You never see the dangers

That come without warnings