The Rainbow and the Snake






A story by Luke, Luke and Mica


One day, Joseph had been out flying his kite. 



He had had fun, but it was time to go home.  Joseph was walking along, thinking.  It was a sunny day, but there was a little rain, and as he walked he saw a rainbow in the sky.  It was not like a normal rainbow, because it was upside down.  It had two ends up in the air, curled, like a smiley mouth.  ‘Strange’, thought Joseph.


Then he heard a deep voice, “What a sunny day”.


Joseph turned round to see who was talking.  Nothing was there, except for the rainbow.


‘Strange’, thought Joseph.


Then he heard the voice again, “What a very sunny day”.


Again he turned round to see who was talking.  Nothing was there, except for the rainbow.


‘Strange’, thought Joseph. ‘is the rainbow talking to me?’


‘Yes I am’, said the rainbow, and the rainbow reached out with his colourful hand and touched Joseph on the shoulder.  He ran away as fast as he could, back to his house.


‘Mum, Mum.  The rainbow was talking to me.  It touched me on the shoulder’ 


‘Don’t be silly.  You’ve been watching too many cartoons.  It’s just your imagination’, said his Mum.


The next day, he went back outside.  It was a rainy day, with some sun.  There was the rainbow again, but this time it was the other way up, like a sad mouth, with its ends down to the ground.  As Joseph walked along, the rainbow spoke again, “What a bad day it is today”.   Joseph said, ‘Was that you, talking to me, rainbow?”  The rainbow reached out and touched him on the other shoulder with his colourful hand.


Joseph ran to his friend’s house as fast as he could. ‘Tommy, Tommy.  The rainbow talked to me, and touched me on the shoulder’


‘’OK I believe you’, said Tommy, but he was laughing.  Nobody believed about the talking rainbow.


The next day, there was no rain, and no sun.  There was no rainbow.  Joseph thought that he would never see it again, and no-one would ever believe him.  He was feeling sad.


Suddenly, as he went past the palm-pine tree, with poisoned coconuts and pine-coins, a big white snake jumped down onto Joseph, and coiled around him.  It was a long anaconda, covered  with gold coins.  It twisted all around Joseph, covering him up, and even stopping him from calling out for help.  He fell over.


Suddenly, the sun came out from behind a cloud, and the rain started to fall.  The talking rainbow appeared in the sky. 


Now the anaconda is very scary, but one thing that it is frightened of is colour.  When it saw the rainbow, with all its colours, it was very scared, and it slipped and slimed and slithered back up the tree.


Joseph was really pleased.  ‘Thank you, thank you, rainbow, for saving me from the snake’.  Then he noticed that all around on the floor, where the anaconda had been, there were gold coins.  He picked them up, and ran back home to show his Mum.  Now she would believe about the rainbow that talked.


The gold coins turned out to be worth lots of money, and so from then on, Joseph was very rich.  He, and his Mum, and Tommy, and the rainbow, all lived happily ever after.