This is a story that we made up with Peter.....


Beling Gets Lost

Beling is a furry, fluffy fuzzy bear-dog. He is cute and cuddly, with a red bow under his chin. He lives with a little boy called Danny, in a kennel at the bottom of Danny’s bed. Everywhere that Danny goes, he always takes Beling with him.

One day, Danny went to the park to feed the ducks. After feeding the ducks, he sat on a park bench and ate an ice cream. When he had finished, he went home, completely forgetting Beling. Poor Beling was unhappy. He was worried, scared and frightened.

Just then a yellow duck paddled and waddled from the pond over to the bench. She picked Beling up in her beak, and paddled and waddled away. Through the park she waddled, through the town she paddled, all the way to the dark scary forest, where the owls watched from the trees. The duck collapsed, dropping Beling on the ground.

Beling walked through the dark forest, more and more frightened. After a long walk, he arrived at the edge of the forest, and found a farm. He walked into the farmyard. There in the middle was a big shiny bright red tractor. Beling climbed onto the tractor’s seat, and fell asleep.

Beling woke up suddenly. A big chicken had climbed on the tractor, and was pecking his leg. He screamed. Suddenly the big farm horse came over to see what the screaming was about. He saw Beling, and scared the chicken away. He knew who Beling was, because Danny sometimes came to the farm to feed the animals, and brought him. He decided to take him back home.

Beling climbed on the horse’s back, and they trotted through the farmyard, and off into the forest. As they were going, a horrible wolf was watching. Suddenly he jumped out from behind the trees, and grabbed the horse’s leg. Beling was frightened. He thought he was going to be eaten by a wolf, but the horse bucked, kicking out with his leg. Beling held on tight. The wolf went high up into the air, and landed right in the middle of a pile of stinging nettles. The horse ran on, all the way to Danny’s house.

When they got to Danny’s house, he dropped Beling on the step, and knocked on the door.

Danny had been worrying all day. He was so sad that Beling had been lost. When he heard the door he came running, and opened it.

‘Yeah!’ he shouted, ‘Beling, you are back’ He gave the little bear-dog a big hug and a squeeze. He was very pleased to see him. ‘Don’t you ever run away again’ he said. Beling was too pleased to be home to argue with him, but he hoped that Danny would never forget him again.



And a poem we made up together....


I went to the zoo and I saw…

One messy chunky monkey

Two crazy stripy zebras

Three great greedy gorillas

Four loud lazy lions

Five cute cuddly Koala bears