The following is work arising from the Write on Too project, and has been created by Year Two pupils at Greet Junior and  Infants School.  Over the period of the project, more individual and group work will appear here....


The Magic Drum – Class 3ML – Greet Primary School


Once there was a beautiful village in the mountains.  Near the village, a big dam blocked the valley, and behind the dam was a big lake.  The people in the village were very happy.


One day, it started raining.  The rain fell and fell, and the wind blew.  In the distance the people could see a hurricane, twisting and blowing.  More and more rain came down.  A terrible thing happened.  Behind the dam, the wind blew waves in the water, and a small hole appeared.  The water got stronger and stronger, until it was stronger than rock, and the tiny hole became bigger and bigger.  A huge wave broke through the dam, and rushed down to the village.


The water pushed past the dam, spraying and splashing, twirling and jumping.  The people ran, tripping and screaming.


‘It’s going to wash us away’ they shouted.  Everyone was frightened.





The water was so strong that it washed away people’s shoes, their glasses, even their hair and teeth.  Those that could swim started to swim, to the nearest slope.  Some were rescued by boat or by helicopter, some hid under their beds, some brought fishing nets out from their upstairs windows.   Soon the water was so high that the fire engines and ambulances couldn’t come. The villagers that were left held on to trees, and hoped.  They were cold wet and soggy.


After a while the water started to go.  It turned right and left, down side streets, down holes, and found different ways to go back to the river.  In the end it had all gone.


What was left was a mess. Windows were broken, houses were broken, gutter pipes were blocked, drain covers were smashed, everything was wet, and the whole world was muddy.  Slowly people started to build.


One boy, called Sam, was eating a meal when the flood came, with his sisters Mel and Mo, and his brother Mil.  They didn’t notice the storm until it was too late, and they could not escape.  They waited upstairs all through, but when the water cleared Sam went out into the road.


He saw something on the other side of the road, washed up by the flood.  It was a drum.  He went up to it and read the letters on the side.  ‘Magic Drum’, it said ‘ I grant your wishes’


Sam was excited.  He held on to the drum, closed his eyes, and thought of the best wish he could.  ‘I wish that all the houses would be mended, that everything which is wet would be dry, that all the mud would go, the dam would be built as good as new, and all the water of the lake would come back safely’


Suddenly with a flash, everything that Sam had wished happened.  The whole village was dry, bright and sparkling as new.  All the people of the village were happy and excited, and Sam was so famous that later, even the king came to visit him, and his magic drum.