The following is work arising from the Write on Too project, and has been created by Year Two pupils at Greenholm Junior and Infants School.  Over the period of the project, more individual and group work will appear here....

The Magic Drum  - a story we made up together


Once upon a time there was a forest, and in the middle of the forest was a place with no trees.  Here there lived 60 people, families with children.  They lived in wooden cottages with straw roofs, and each cottage had big wheels so that from time to time the people could move their homes.  But for now, they lived in the place without trees, in the middle of the forest.


There were many animals in the trees – giraffes, bears and lions, jaguars leopards and snakes.  Sometimes you could see them, looking at the people from the trees, but they never came into the village.


One day, the people of the village were busy.  Some were hunting for jaguars, some were cooking lizard stew, and some were washing up.  In the middle of the village they had lit a big fire, and people were warming their hands and cooking chicken and sausages.


Then someone heard a noise in the trees.  They looked and saw a huge shape coming towards them.  As it came out from the shadow of the trees, they could see what it was.


He was big fat and tough, with a long beard of red, yellow green and blue which grew all the way down to his green wiggly pointy shoes.  On his face he wore a red mask, with gold and silver patterns glittering on it, it had thorns, and was rough like sandpaper.  From his head grew two enormous horns, and on the horns were a million little noses, with which he could smell all the smells of the world at once.  This creature was Buddilove, and he had smelled the smell of lizard stew, his favourite food.


The people of the village were frightened.  They thought that Buddilove had come to eat them.  Gradually they noticed that he was holding some objects up in the air, offering them to the village.  ‘Free drums’ he was calling ‘would you like some drums.  Free’


People put up their hands and took Buddilove’s drums.  They were small cylinders, each one different.  They started to play.  Some people started to dance.  Soon everyone was playing and dancing, the famous Moola dance of the moving people.  Buddilove danced too, wiggling his long arms and his many noses.  They danced into the night, until they were all tired, and fell fast asleep.


In the middle of the night, the people of the village were woken up by the sound of one drum.  They crept from their cottages and looked at the fire.  There was one of the drums, playing a beautiful beat, all by itself.  As the people looked in amazement at the magic drum, they noticed a little frog-person, who had come from the trees to watch.  Soon, other animals were coming from the trees, to hear the magic drum which played itself.  Buddilove came back too, and they sat and listened.


From then on, every Friday the magic drum played by itself, and the people and animals came out to hear it, and to dance together.