Peter is working in 2005 with Year 3 in Deykin Avenue School, Witton.  Here is some of the work we have been doing.


Here is a poem we wrote together....


I went to the forest and I saw

One early twirly, terrifying, toothy tiger.

Two snappy, stinging, squiggly scorpions.

Three turning, terrible, talking trees.

Four lazy, lurking, lying leopards.

Five fighting, fierce, frightening foxes.


and here is a story we are working on....


Little Sam and the Witch


Sam was ten years old.  He was an ordinary boy, but he was bored.  There was nothing to do.  It was a rainy day, and the wind was blowing through the village.  He went to the witch’s house, and sneaked inside.


The witch was nowhere to be seen.  Sam went into her room.  There were bottles of potion on the table.  He started messing around with them. He put two little bottles into the magic tiger bag.  Suddenly the witch burst in through the door, ‘Oi.  What are you doing?’  She waved her wand, there was a great flash, and Sam changed.


Suddenly, he was tiny; about the size of his thumb.  He was a little man, as big as a big tarantula, or a small frog.


The witch laughed cruelly, and flicked the little Sam out of the house.  Sam was still holding on to the magic tiger bag, but now he was so small that he could fit inside it.  He was so small that it was very hard for him to walk home.  So he curled up in the tiger bag, and fell asleep.


Sam soon found out that it was very difficult being tiny.  Everyone teased him. He had to be careful not to be trodden on, or eaten by ……..[to be continued….]