A group of fifteen Year 8 students at College High School is working with me during Spring 2003.  Some of our work will be appearing here....

Some poems we wrote during our first session....


A Happy Day


The day it was my birthday

I went to Drayton Manor Park. 

When I got there I was really happy,

I went on all the rides

They was all fast ones

Then after I finished on the rides I went on the arcades

After, when I got home I had a little party,

When I opened all my cards

I had lots of money in them



Real Life Poem

On Christmas Day

My sister

Turned into a toad


She nearly died

because she needed water

to live





When I went to Blackpool

With my Mum and dad

They took me

And my brother and sisters

We never knew where we was going

And when we got there

We was excited

We jumped up and hugged Mum and Dad

We went on the rides

And saw the sand

And the beach was soft

Underneath my feet



Happy Memories


At Spain

My first time in an aeroplane

second time I went to Spain

I was on a coach

then a boat

I felt sick

the aeroplane made my belly feel like floating and thin air.


and at my birthday

my Mum didn't let me go to school

on my twelfth birthday

my sister opened my presents

and when I was seven

I had my fiorst games console

and the first games console i ever had

was a PS1

I felt proud and happy

and this christmas

I had a PS2

and I was so happy

really, really, really, really happy




and some poems that came from a drama exercise we did.....................


Richardís Friend


He was a soldier

He fought in Korea

His friend was Tommy

He didnít talk to anybody

Not about himself

Not about the war

Heís dead now

Heís a hero

And no-one knows

Except us



The Bridge


The story he told me about was a bridge

Being blown up

With two children on it

I saw them fly up in the air

And they dropped back down

Into the water

They were sad

Because the children

Were killed



Listening to a Sad Story


The bridge was so bad

But they did not know

That the kids was on the bridge

When they was about to blow it up


When they blew the bridge up

All they seen was

Two kids flying up off the bridge

And they was so sad


They did not know

That they was on the bridge

When they blew it up


And I heard

That they blew up the kids

And I felt so sad for them

I was unhappy

Because I was so interested

In the beginning of the story


The kids

When they fly off the bridge

They fell straight down

To swim in the water

And they was dead

Before they reached the ground


That was sad for me

When they reached the ground

I was so devastated

That I wanted to cry

But I could not cry

I would have embarrassed myself

And I would have been embarrassed

In front of everyone

So I held the crying inside me

With all the other parts

Of the sad story

And thatís what I did


It was so good

It was brilliant



Here are some not very heartfelt apologies..........


Just a note to say

I am sorry that

I didnít know

What the button did

That time

When you were away

I sneaked a game to play

Then it happened

They all went

All the files

I didnít know what

I was doing

Sorry Dad.



Iím sorry for leaving the house

And leaving my little brother

On his own

But I went to the park to play football

And scored a wicked hat-trick!

It was getting dark

So I went round to my friends

and beat him on the Playstation

But Iím still sorry

Sort ofÖ



Sorry I kicked

You in the

Face but it

Was funny



I had to go to the shops

So I borrowed your bike

I was in a hurry

When I got there

I put the bike by the kerb

When I came back

Your bike was crushed

Iím sorry

I didnít mean this to happenÖ



I am sorry

I broke

Your walkman

I dropped it on

The floor

And it broke

It was very loud

But not now

I am sorry




And a postcard home with a difference....


Dear Dad


I am in Blackpool and Iíve seen the lights.  They are like a fairy taleÖ..


Ö..Once upon a time

I travelled far far from home

To where the tower of the castle touches the sky

The sounds of the fair

The fairest of them all

Fill the make-believe air

Handsome princes paddle in the cold water

Sleeping beauties sunbathe on towels

And the forest of lights tells its story

On, on to the happy ending of the North PierÖÖÖ.


I am not missing home at all, and I wish I could stay forever.

 Ebb and Peter