The Monkey’s Adventure


In the scary orange rainforest, there lived a monkey.


One night, he was fast asleep on his bed of straw, with his head safely on his orange and black stripy pillow.  But, as the monkey slept, he dreamed.  In his dreams he was being chased by a huge tiger, all around the forest.  It was just about to catch him, when he woke up, and sat up –


‘Oh thank goodness.  I was only dreaming’ he thought.  He put his head back down on his pillow, but something was wrong.  Instead of being nice and soft, it was all hard.  He turned, and saw that it was not a pillow at all.  It was a big, scary, real tiger.


The monkey jumped up, and ran.


As he ran, he looked behind him, and the tiger was there, chasing him.  In and out of the trees of the forest he chased, all the time getting closer to the monkey.  Just as he was about to grab him, the monkey jumped up the tallest tree he could find, and climbed quickly up to the highest branch.


Now this tiger was strong, and scary, and greedy, but he was also very clumsy.  When he tried to climb the tree, he lost his balance and fell down.  Every time he tried, he fell.  In the end he decided he would have to push the tree over, and get the monkey that way.  He started to push.


The monkey called out to his friend, George the Giant Giraffe, who came running.  He jumped onto his head, just as the tiger gave his hardest push, and the tree came crashing down.  George carried him on his head to safety, and dropped him on the next tree.  But the tiger had followed, and he started to push that tree too.  The monkey called out for help again, but George’s head was too high up in the air, and he did not hear him.


The greedy strong tiger pushed and pushed and pushed that tree down too.


‘Aaaaaaah.’  The monkey fell towards the river.  He closed his eyes and waited for the splash.  But there was no splash. He slowly opened his eyes.  Even with them wide open, it was still dark.  He was somewhere wet, and full of stinky, dirty water.  Suddenly everything shook, and there was a huge noise.  ‘Higggh  Hugggh!’


The monkey was scared, but so was Henry the Hippo.  It was Henry’s mouth that was the monkey’s dark wet place, and the noise was Henry the hippo’s hiccoughs.  It was the first time he had ever had hiccoughs, which is why he was scared.  ‘Oh no’, thought Henry, ‘it must be my heart!’, and he opened his mouth to call for help. 


This meant that the monkey could see.  He realised where he was, and thinking quickly, he swung on the hippo's tooth, right out of his mouth, over the water, and landed safely on the river bank.


Henry Hippo howled.  The monkey looked at him, and then turned to go home, but the Tiger was there.  ‘Oh no.’ said the monkey to himself.


Just at the moment,  Billy the bull, came rushing past.  The monkey grabbed his tail and swung up past his bum onto his back.  Billy charged.  The monkey bumped up and down between his horns, as the bull ran through the forest.  But the tiger was faster than the bull, and all the time he was getting closer.  Then the monkey saw his chance, grabbed a vine that was hanging from a passing tree, and swung away.  Still the Tiger followed, swinging now from tree to tree. 


Then just as the monkey was getting really frightened, the tiger grabbed a vine that was not a vine at all.  It was Slippy the snake.


‘Aaaaaaaagh.’  The tigers paws slipped on Slippy Snake's scaly skin…. Down he went, into the river, over the waterfall, and he was never seen again


Thank goodness, thought the monkey, as he made his way back home, thanking all his friends as he went.


Soon, in his bed he was snuggling down.  Gently the wind swayed his bed of straw, which he had moved up high in the tree, as he rocked safely back to sleep.






Sadness drags his feet into the room.

Tears falling from red cheeks,

In puddles on the floor,



Hanging down,

Shoulders down,

Long brown hair hanging down,

‘Weeeeeeh’, he groans,

Flooding the room with his tears