The following is work arising from the Write on Too project, and has been created by Year Two pupils at Clifton Infants School.  Over the period of the project, more individual and group work will appear here....

Nicholas the Clever Dog

Nicholas da Vinci was a dog.  Not just any dog.  He was a Dalmatian spotty dog, skinny, furry and fluffy, happy and above all brainy.  He was the cleverest dog in the whole world.  He was so clever that every time the police needed some help, they always went to find Nicholas.


Nicholas da Vinci lived in a tall, stripy birdhouse, at the bottom of the garden of the Hotel Volcano.  He was in his birdhouse one day, when the police came to ask his help.


The Queen Mother, who lived in a beautiful castle, had lost one of her shiny, shimmering, diamond spiky crowns, she had rung her bell for help.  The police ran to the castle, and when they discovered what had happened, they brought her to Nicholas to find it.  The Queen Mother, who put yoghurt on her hair to make it smell nice, showed Nicholas a picture of the crown, and he had a good sniff.  ‘The crown’, he said, ‘smells of pasta, vinegar and shoes.  It has a furry funky smell.  I shall find it.’


Off he went, on a car, through a picnic park, past a school, crossing a circus, with clowns, elephants lions and tigers, he passed a volcano, about to spit out its hot lava, on an aeroplane, and on a ship, until FINALLY…


Nicholas found the crown under the bushes.


The Queen Mother was so happy, she offered to build a grand new kennel for Nicholas in her castle, but Nicholas said he was happy in his birdhouse at the Hotel Volcano.  So he settled for a gold medal instead.


Out of the Window

I looked out of the window and I saw

1 white fluffy puffy chunky cloud

2 nasty soft bright grey spiky furry squirrels

3 beautiful rainbow witches' welly birds

4 fabulous fat funny female people

5 shiny red puffed-up bouncing balloons


Space Pitch

In the sky, on the clouds

Spacechester United in red

Playing the Sky Blues

A team of stars

Beckham Star does a black-flipper

The moon swerves across the sky

Over the Milky Way wall

Heading for the corner of Jupiter

But it’s saved by the sun

Who kicks it to the stars

But the moon has caught fire

The earth blows his whistle, and reaches for his red card

Off goes the Sun, sent off, and the whole sky goes sunset red

And then black