The following is work arising from the Write on Too project, and has been created by Year Six pupils at Chivenor Primary School. 




In the corner of the Christmas-gift biscuit tin

Snuggled in the perfectly-moulded plastic

Sits mild-mannered

Custard Cream

His name framed proudly on his

Pastry chest 

Hoping his sweet hope to be chosen last

Watching the tall Bourbons and the
jolly round jammy dodgers

Grabbed by fat fingers

Dangled above the hot vat

Before plunging in dunky death-dives

To their soggy end


Custard Cream dreams of being a super-hero

Saving the tin

‘Is it a swiss roll?

Is it a macaroon?


Faster than a speeding sandwich

More powerful than a lemon drizzle cake

Able to leap tall tea-trolleys at a single bound


Before his dream turns to crumbs

The greedy hand comes

And the vicious teeth crunch through to his

Soft centre


Peter Wynne-Willson with Year Six pupils at Chivenor JI School



The Day My Nephew was Born.


The day my Nephew was born

My mouth curled like a banana and i punched the air.

My feet were kinking about like a mad fish

and my eyes poured like an overflowing bath

Because i was so happy.

My face looked so happy so i shouted as loud as i could.

I ran straight to the car and started it

then my dad drove us to the hospital.

I got to hold him about 4 hours later.


by jamie holmes 6ma




The tarantula tinkles the piano

With eight stool-shaped legs

Owls eyes on the OHP

Reflecting the light of firefly tips

Spelling out the words of songs

The choir of ants scatter and scuttle to the front

And the animals happy chorus lifts the forest roof


‘Silence’, snaps the crocodile

And the wrinkled hunky elephant shuffles forward

‘Good Morning creatures’

Babboons bow.

Hyenas laugh

Snakes hiss


Bookworm reads slowly from the scruffy-page bible

Ancient elephant presents a trophy to the champion cheetahs

For the 8oo metres

And the seals clap.








And the forest clearing

Is silent again