We have been making up poems in Year Five, and some are here....


All is quiet in Space Stadium

The candy floss crowds wait for the start

Of the big match

Earth the referee reaches into his

Orion’s belt

For his spaceship whistle

and blows

The moon sails in slow-motion through the air

Pluto the cold manager

Of the Chelsea clouds planet team

Orbits the touchline angrily

Asteroids cheer

And comets clash in tackles

The moon flies past the goalie Mars

Into the corner of the goal

And the atmosphere is fantastic


The universe seems to move

Stars explode with cheering.

One nil one nil



And here is a poem about all of us....


We are Mrs Jaswal’s Year Five Class

The Cherry Orchard writers

We like to write some poetry

About things that excite us….

There is Tony who likes TV, tanks and toys and tigers too

And Natasha who likes naughty nuts, but then that’s nothing new

Aqsa has the art of the animal assembly dance

While Asha feeds amazing apples to her little ants

Hopping Hamza’s happy when shes having holidays

While Waqar likes wild cats with their wild and woolly ways

Lewis leopard licked a lemon like a little lion

And sunny Sunny likes the sun because the sun will shine

Sweet sparkling eyes like stars make Shirella shine so bright

Like Romeo said that Juliet did one old romantic night

Jolly joyful Jessica loves jumping jelly babies

And Gurmit likes some gum, between his gums, for chewing maybe

Shanice a shining sparkling star shines up in the night sky

Rafel is reading RE as he’s racing, rushing by

Danny dunks Dorritos in his drinks with David Beckham

Reece runs on his rollerblades so rapidly he’ll wreck’em

Usman’s colourful unbroken umbrellas above his head

Protect him while Nishaba nibbles nourishing naan bread

Dimple’s dalmatian dogs despair when they see darkness come

Intelligent idiotic Idris is inseparable from his Mum

Jelly baby juggling makes jumping Jaskaran jolly

And tricky tall Troy has toys and tractors on his trolley

While Jaida’s chewing Juiceters and jaffacakes from Japan

And Daniel’s a dangling daring dancing dangerman


These are the budding poets who gave me their piece of verse

And I hope there’s no-one missing, because the rhymes are getting worse

We will write many more poems, and we’ll have a lot of fun

So lets get on and do it now…ready everyone?