[A group of Year Two pupils at Chase Terrace School is working with Peter Wynne-Willson during the second half of the Summer Term 2004, as part of the 'Write On' Project.  Some of their work together will be published on this page over the course of the project]


This is a story we made up after finding a lamp in Peter's box....

Mr Light Loses his Lantern


Binky Bill was his real name, but everyone called him Mr Light, because no-one ever saw him without his lantern.  He spent every evening, moving around looking for dark places to light up, and bringing light to them.  He believed in Jesus, and he had read about bringing light to places of darkness.  He thought that he should do this, and so he did, every night.


One day, Mr Light had been going around as usual, looking for dark places, when he went into a huge deep dark cave.  The deeper he went in, the darker the cave.  Soon he started to hear things, or at least to imagine he could hear things.  He heard monsters breathing, and bears crawling.  He reached for his lantern, to brighten up the cave, but it was not there.  He felt in every pocket, but he could not find it.  By now, everything in the cave was completely dark.  Mr Light was sad.  He began to get more and more scared.  Soon he was terrified.  Then he was completely petrified.  He was sure that the cave was full of grizzly ghosts.


Suddenly he heard a real noise in front of him in the darkness.  He turned to run, but there seemed to be nowhere to go.  Every direction he felt in seemed to be blocked.  The noise was getting closer.  It was a kind of sniffly, snuffly breathing noise.  There were big footsteps too, and it was getting closer and closer.  Then there was an even louder snuffle, and a flame appeared.  In the light of the flame, Mr Light could see the great eyes and teeth of a dragon, only a little way away from him, coming closer.  He was breathing fire into the darkness, and Mr Light could clearly see him smiling.  He opened his mouth wide, as if to bite his head, but instead he let out a big roar of laughter.


‘oh dear me, you look frightened.  Do you want me to show you the way out?’ the kind dragon asked, gently. ‘yyyyyy….esss pppplease’ answered Mr Light.


The dragon used his flame breath to light the way to the cave entrance, and Mr Light, blinking as he came into the light, was away and safe.


He ran down the hill, and all the way to the nearest shop, where he spent all his money on as many torches lights and lanterns as he could.  He bought spare batteries, and matches and candles.  He never wanted to be without a light again.


and here is a poem we wrote together

If the Moon Were a Football......


Beckham kicks the moon across the sky,

It bends like a banana,

and crashes against the goal-post, Jupiter.


The crowds of aliens cheer

The rocket referee blows his whistle

And the moon football hurtles back into the sky


The brightest stars of the sky

Are playing the dimmest

In the grand match

For the Milky Way Cup.