This page has some of the work that Year 2  have been doing with Peter this term.  First, this is a story we made up together....


The Wild Life of Flash the Pine Cone

 Once there was a pine cone.  Not an ordinary pine cone, but a walking talking tall hairy pine cone, called Flash.

 Flash lived in a spare snail’s shell, in a giant squirrel’s nest in the woods. 

 One day, Flash looked out from his shell and saw a lady pine cone walking past.  He fell in love.  But she didn’t look twice at Flash.  He decided that to make her like him, he would need to work out, and get fit.  So he made himself a beautiful set of weights, using a twig and two conkers, and started to work out.  As he lifted the weights and put them down, he dreamed of joining a wrestling club, or of going on adventures.  One day, he thought he would go to Warwick Castle, and see the knights in armour, with swords.  

 After a few weeks he was really fit, so he set out to look for the lady pine cone.  He knew she lived in a grass house, but he did not know where.  He went everywhere.  In the zoo, he was chased by a giraffe, who was calling out, ‘Oh my, oh my, oh my’.  At Wacky Warehouse he was almost stamped on.  He saw the President at the White House, and he saw the man who talks all the time.

 Then, after all these adventures, at last he saw the grass house, and there in the window, was the most beautiful lady pine cone. 

 As far as we know, Flash and the lady are still there, living together happily.




If I Were a Snail


If I were a snail

In love with a giraffe

I would slide to the zoo in the dark

And try and make her laugh


I would invite her in my shell

And take her for walks in the night

We would go to Disneyland

And the Isle of Wight


If I were a snail

In love with a giraffe

I would hope she would look at me

And not just laugh