This is a story which the group has made up...


Rosie and the Magic Hat


Once upon a time a little girl called Rosie was playing with her favourite teddy, when she saw something very strange.


It was an elephant, large and grey, and on its head, between its great ears, was a hat.  The hat was old and dark and grey, with three holes and lots of scratches.  It was the kind of hat worn in the olden days, but not usually by elephants. 


Riding on the elephant was a magician.  When he saw Rosie, he climbed down, and took the hat with him.  He asked Rosie for her teddy. 


‘Watch’, he said, as he put the teddy into the hat.  ‘This is a magic hat’.


He waved his wand and said the magic words,


‘Dib dab flab

Dib dob wiggly lab’


He tipped up the hat, and the teddy had gone.


Rosie started to cry.  The magician tried to make her feel better.  ‘I will magic it back’, he said, and raised his wand again.


But just before he could do his trick, a black and white kitten stole the hat, and ran away with it.  The magician just stood there.  Rosie cried even more, but the elephant moved quickly.  She started chasing the kitten.  With her big steps she was quicker than the quick kitten, she got nearer and nearer, and when she was right behind the naughty kitten, she trod on his tail with a great big elephant foot.  She took the hat and gave it back to the magician.


‘Dib dab flab

Dib dob wiggly lab’


Rosie’s teddy came back, and she smiled.


The magician took the old magic hat and gave it to the little girl.  ‘I think you had better have this’ he said.  Be careful, because it is magic.


This is a story from Korea, which we have been working on.  This version was made up by acting it out, and then deciding the right words for writing it down.....


The Story of Sun and Moon


One sunny frosty morning thousands of miles away in a country called Korea, there was a small stone-walled house with a straw roof.  It was at the foot of the cracked gigantic snow-topped mountains, next to the deep dark forest.  In this house, there lived a boy and a girl, and their kind, friendly mother.  The family was very poor, but even so they were happy.


On this sunny day, the mother was going out to work.  Very early in the morning, she said goodbye to the children, and asked them not to let anyone into the house, without checking who they were.  She set off through the forests and across the mountains, walking slowly and carefully, watching out for wild animals as she went.


After a long walk she arrived at a gold-topped enormous house, where a rich lady lived.  She worked all day in the kitchens of the house, chopping and mixing food, preparing dishes for a feast.  In the evening she worked very hard serving yummy scrummy tasty food to the loud hungry guests, who sat at low tables, gobbling their food with their hands and with chopsticks.  They shouted for food and drink, and the mother served it all.  At the end of the feast she was exhausted.


The rich lady came into the kitchen and thanked her for her hard work.  Would you like some food to take back to your children, she asked.  Yes please said the mother, and she took a basket of lovely rice-cakes and put it on her head, to carry it. ‘Be careful how you go’, said the rich lady, ‘Watch out for the nasty tiger’


She set off through the deep dark forest, and over the snow-topped mountains, nervous and anxious, because it was dark, thinking about the rich lady’s words.


Suddenly, out from behind a tree came a fierce angry orange and black tiger.  It stood still in front of her, ready to pounce, looking her straight in the eyes.  ‘Yikes’ said the mother.  She was terrified.  Shaking and trembling, she took the basket from her head, and offered the tiger a rice cake.  Slowly he came up towards her.  When he was right in front of her, greedily he snatched a rice cake, ate it on the floor, and went back into the trees.


The mother puffed, sighed, put the basket back on her head and walked slowly on.


Suddenly out from behind another tree came the tiger again.  Again it stood still in front of her, ready to pounce. Looking her straight in the eyes.  The mother took the basket from her head again, and offered the tiger another rice cake.  ‘Don’t eat me’ she said, shaking and trembling.  Slowly he came up towards her.  When he was right in front of her, greedily he snatched another rice cake, ate it sideways, and went back into the trees.


The mother puffed again, sighed, put the basket back on her head and walked even more slowly on.


Suddenly, out from behind another tree came the cruel tiger one more time.  Once again it stood still in front of her, ready to pounce. The mother took the basket from her head again, and offered the tiger the last rice cake.  Slowly he came up towards her.  When he was right in front of her, he gobbled the rice cake, but this time he did not go back into the trees. ‘I’m still hungry, he said, licking his lips.  ‘Please don’t eat me’ said the mother, ‘my children are waiting for me.  Please don’t eat me’.  But the tiger came closer and closer, right up to her, and with one jump he crunched and munched her all up.


‘I’m still hungry, he said, and then he remembered what the mother had said.  ‘Children’ he muttered, smiling.  Clumsily he grabbed the mothers clothes, and put them on.  He stood up on his back legs, and walked to the little house.


The tiger knocked three times on the door.  Inside the children were happy and excited that their mother had come home.  They had been waiting all day, they were very hungry.  The little boy was just going to open the door, when his sister stopped him, ‘Wait’, she said, ’remember what our mother said, we must check first’


‘Mother’ she said, ‘is that you?’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The tiger spoke in a high sweet squeaky voice, ‘Yes my dears it is me, your mother’


‘What is wrong with your voice?’


‘Oh, it is just that I have been working hard all day, and my voice is tired’


The little boy started to open the door, but his sister stopped him again,


‘Wait’, she said ‘I am still not sure.  Put your eye to the keyhole, let us check that it is really you’


So the tiger put his eye to the keyhole.


‘Why is your eye so red?’


The tiger thought quickly, ‘Oh it is just that I squirted some chilli into my eye’


The little boy started to open the door, but his sister stopped him again,


‘Wait’, she said ‘I am still not sure.  Put your hand under the door.  Let us check that it is really you’


The tiger put his paw under the door and they looked at it.


‘Why is your hand all orange and furry?’


‘Oh, it is just that I was cooking with rice bran, and it has stained my hands’ said the tiger.


The children could not wait any longer.  They opened the door, and the tiger rushed past them.  They were surprised that their mother had not even stopped to say hello, so they followed across the yard into the kitchen.  The tiger put a big pot on the fire, and as he did, the children saw his long tail under his skirt, and realised he was not their mother.


‘It’s a tiger!  Quick’


They ran across the yard and climbed up a tall tree.


The tiger turned to get the children for cooking, and saw they had gone.  He ran out into the yard, and looked for them.  He looked down in the well, and saw the reflection of the children up in the tree.  ‘Oh there you are, down in the well’  He was about to jump into the water when he heard the little girl giggling at him, and realised they were up in the tree.


‘How did you get up there’ asked the tiger.  ‘Oh’, said the girl, ‘we put sesame oil on our hands to help us climb’


The tiger ran to the kitchen and covered his paws with the slippery oil.   Then he tried to climb the tree, but each time he went up, he slipped straight down.  The little girl giggled again, and said, ‘you stupid tiger.  Really we used an axe’


The tiger went to get an axe, and started climbing up the tree, using the axe to hold on as he climbed.  As he got closer, the children prayed to the Sky-God.


‘If you want us to live, send us a good rope, if you want us to die, send a rotten rope.’


Just as the tiger was getting close, a rope came down from the sky.  The children grabbed it, and it carried them up into the sky.


The tiger was angry.  He had heard their prayer, and he tried to copy it.


‘If you want me to live, send me a rotten rope, if you want me to die, send a good rope.’


A rope came down, and the tiger grabbed it.  But this rope was rotten, and as the tiger went up into the sky, it broke and he fell to his death.


The Sky-God said the children could stay forever in the sky.  He said the girl could be the moon and shine at night and the boy could be the sun.  ‘But I am afraid of the dark’, said the girl.  ‘Can we change round?’  The Sky-God agreed, and from then on, the boy has been called the Moon, and has shone every night, while the little girl is the Sun, and shines through every day.


A collection of wonderful poems by pupils at Blakenhale Infants, about the story of Sun and Moon……… each of these poems is written by a Year Two pupil.


Stripy scary tiger eating a lady.

A big brown tree with green leaves.

A  funny big boy who laughed that much.

A brainy girl running.

Red blood running down.

A  sparkling well swishing.



Kind Sky God put down a rope for the children.

The tiger scared the mom.                                                                     

The tiger was very scary.

The children climbed the tree with an axe.

Sensible girl.

Good boy.

Climbing the tree.

Deep dark wishing well.

Happy! Happy! Happy!


Long tailed  stripy tiger who is starving.

Polite sweet girl skipping.

Reflection big well deep and dark.

Yummy delicious rice cakes ready to eat.

Strong tight rope with someone climbing.

Dirty looking houses with people in them.

Clever clean Sky God looking down on everybody.

Caring mom looking after her children.

Dirty angry boy upset about mom.

Thick handled basket full of rice cakes.

Strong barked tree blowing in the wind.


Stripy tiger following the mother.

Tiger eat the mom all up into bits.

Brave strong boy opening the door.

Brave strong girl climbing the far trees.

Dark horrible wall had all dirty water.

Mom bought rice cakes for food and the tiger ate them all.

Dark horrible mountains with lots of trees around.

Dark shop shining outside.

A nice wooden basket all nice and colourful.

The tiger growled at the mom lots of times.


Sky God.


Long lovely grass for falling over in.


Orange stripy tiger hungry.

Nice clever boy terrified.

Nice polite girl terrified.

Frightened lady scary cat.

Big long rope falling down.

Reflection well wishing well.

Smelly rotten rope coming down.

Broken house with hanging wood.

Shiny sun so so bright.

Bright moon bight white.

Gigantic big house with rich people.

Nice kind Sky God never been seen.

Delicious food for the poor people.

Rich people kind to the poor people.

Big rice cakes for the poor people.

Big field white flowers and mud.


Hungry  tiger belly.       

Beautiful girl sun.

Good sky God king.

Happy boy jumping.

Wishing well.

Pretty mom.

High tree.

Horrid mountain.

Strong rope.

Sparkling sun.

Sweet moon.

Saw axe.

Lost hungry tiger.


Kind nice girl walking.

Good kind boy walking.

Stripy tiger running.

Wishing well with people wishing.

Nice tasty rice cakes with bits.

Straw basket made of yellow straw.

Dirty lady skipping.

Hungry feast with people eating.

High mountains standing tall.

Tasty food.

Cloudy sky god moving around.

Slippery oil on the floor.

Big tall tree.

Long rope swinging.

Short branches moving side to side.


Brave boy thinking.

Shy girl shaking.

Evil tiger growling.

Huge tree blowing.

Good rope helping.

Frightened mom wondering.

Sharp axe cutting

Magic sun  shining.

Powerful moon sparkling.

Deep well wishing.

Windy woods swaying.


Hungry stripy tiger growling .

A very rich mother being happy.

A nice creamy girl being kind.

A nice tan coloured boy crying.

A big broken wish well with children wishing.

Black slippery oil dripping.

White spongy rice buns being eaten.

Light brown new basket with rice in it.

A lovely scrummy feast with lots.

Steep mountains being still.

Wood rock house breaking.

Light green tree swinging around.

Handsome little Sky God waiting.

Big huge strong tree being still. 

Bright yellow sun shining.


Big huge moon  smiling.

Strong white rope swinging.

Bright red blood splatting.



Happy boy jumping.

Beautiful girl, sun smiling.

Hungry hungry tiger.

Wishing well.

Pretty mom.

High tree.

Horrible mountain.


Silly sun.

Sweet moon.

Saw axe.

Love ricecake.

Lost hungry tiger.



Big evil hungry tiger walking around.

A great big funny mom laughing.

A great worried boy crying.

A pretty polite girl skipping.

Slippery black car oil spraying.

White spongy rice buns falling apart.

A hard brown rotten basket falling.

A reflection sparkling well with people wishing.

A big evil feast at home.

Big green high large mountains very still.

Wood/rock houses moving in the wind.

A great big feast moving to and fro.

Lots of big green trees waving in the wind.

White imaginary Sky God talking.

A big brown hard rotten rope waving.

Great big heavy branches waving about.

A bright white moon as a circle.

Hot smooth warm sun very round. 



Nice boy getting  dressed.

Nice lovely moon  shining.

Nice girl helping us.

Kind mom working for us.

Big tiger growing making us scared.

Pretty well is reflection on us.

Long rope coming from the sky.

Kind God making us live.

She’s been eaten by a great big nasty bear.

Giant big woods with lots of trees.

Tall tree standing still.

Tasty food that is really nice.



Angry  tiger  growling.

Dark deep  well  wishing.

Dead  mother  angry.

Boney  children  hiding   in  the   tree.

A  big  green  leaves  tree  blowing.

A  big  mountain  where   the  tiger  lives. A  long   stripey   basket  on  the   mothers head.

Red   blood  going   away.

Big house  with  the  window  open.

New   grass   blowing   away.

Good  sky  God  helping.



Happy boy jumping.

Good Sky God king

Beautiful tiger sun

Hungry tiger belly

Wishing well.

Pretty mom.

High tree.

Horrid mountain.

Strong rope.

Sparkling axe.

Sweet sun.

Sweet moon.

Lost hungry tiger.


Friendly skygod.

Shiny sparkling sun in the sky.

Old big house is dirty.

Nice girl.

Good boy.

Shiny rope hanging down.

Old wooden well reflecting.

Big fat tree standing still.

Bright big moon shining bright.

Clean fresh lady.

Strong stripy tiger walking.



Long stripy tiger who is growling.

Reflection big well with water in it.

Delicious yummy rice cakes ready to eat.

A polite good girl who is playing.

A nice good boy going to sleep.

Strong white rope with  people  climbing  it.

A  caring  good  mom  looking  after  her  children.

A  good  Sky  God  who  lives   in  the  sky.

A  wooden  house  with  people  in  it.

A  big  wooden  basket  with  fruit  in  it.

A  strong  tall  tree  with  people  climbing  up  it.

A  strong  brown  table  with  food  on  it  .

A  strong  branch  with  people  on  it.



Happy  boy  climbed up a tree.

Hungry tiger  growling.

Scared mom with a basket.

Wishing  well with  deep  water.

Brown  tree blowing  in the wind.

Rough bad rope falling  from the sky.

Pretty  girl climbed  up the tree.

Sharp axe  cutting.

Smiley sun shining .

Happy moon.

Good  Sky God.



Loving mom.

Nice boy running.

Ferocious tiger eating.

Lovely girl sweet.

Grassy mountains waving.

Strong tall tree.

Stone house.

White rice-cakes.

Hot shining sun shining.

Half moon smiling.

Muddy well slippy.

Climbing rope down.

Strong branch waving.

Stripy tail wagging.


Mean stripy fierce tiger walking.

Old broken deep well people wishing.

Tall fat tree moving.

Beautiful happy girl shouting.

Shiny strong light sun moving  up.

Polite  clever  little  boy  laughing.

A  bright  big  moon  shining.

Flower  grass  big  field  green  yellow  red  blue.

Scared  happy  mum  crying.

Tall  dark  hill.

A  white  big  fat  rice  cake.

Brown  straw  basket.

Long  green  grass.

Clever  Sky  God.

Light  blue  sky.

Light blue  water.

wooden  stoned  house.

Green  delicate  leaves.


Tiny tree swaying.   

Big fat well built stone.

Ginger stripy girl gushes.

Bouncy bouncy boy blushing.

Anxious stripy tiger eating

Big steamy kitchen dripping.

Big big tall mountains waving.

Ate her up mom he dressed up.

They are poor things.

The mom bought a basket of apples.

Love night sky God saying hello.

Sparkling sun smiling.

Shine moon is sad.


Helpful  pretty girl  is laughing.

Nice boy climbing  up a tree.

Sunshine shine sun in the sky.

Shine moon in the dark.

Old dark well inside.

Green little tree with a brown trunk.

Scary tiger with  sharp teeth.

Nice clever mum.

Big old house.

Big fat rice cakes.

Big field.

Bright green grass.

Sunny cloud sky.


Hungry  TIGER  with  Orange and  Black  stripes .  

shining sparkling sun.

wishing  moving  moon shining.

Reflection well.

Clean   fresh  lady  getting  eaten.

Little dirty boy climbing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Nice good girl sitting.

Old draughty house.

Shiny sharp axe cutting.

Waving big tree standing.

Big tasty rice cakes.             




Anxious tiger climbing.                                    

Deep well.                              

Nice SkyGod.

Excited girl.

Brave boy.

Tall mountains high.

The tiger was dead in Indian millet.

Red  blood pouring down tiger



Terrible stripy tiger growling.

Wishing well is dark deep.

Wooden logs  falling apart.

King kind sky God smiling.

Windy washy wood moving.

Pretty kind nice girl worried.

Smart happy boy smiling.

Sad unhappy mom terrified.

Tall coconut tree leaves falling off.

Yuky slimy oil slippery.

Rough hard rope wobbly.

Sharp skinny axe cutting.

Shiny smiley sun  shining.

Banana shape moon rolling.

Dirty murky penny .



A hairy scary tiger eating a lady.

Deep dark tree with dark green leaves.

A naughty curly girl with whale earrings.

A naughty spiky boy with a funny face.

A deep dark water well frightening a tiger.

High tall Sky God who let the rope down.

High up mountains with ups and downs.

A sparkling sun with a shiny face.

A shiny moon with a dark face.

Red dark blood that wobbled.

A rotten rope with stars on the top.