A Year Two Class at Wilkes Green Infants School has been working with Peter for two weeks.  Here are some of the poems that we have made up....


I went to Wilkes Green School and I saw

One head teacher telling people off like a roar of thunder

Two computers crashing like their brains are damaged

Three children writing like quiet working mice

Four whiteboards staring like they are daydreaming

And five basketballs bouncing like hopping kangaroos


I went into space and I saw
1 pale pink pancake planet
2 cold crumpled countries
3 wiggly wobbly well wicked worms
4 animal automatic alien spaceships
5 smooth slimy sleepy spiders


The Village and the Giant Spider


In the village the people lived in stick houses.  They woke up early in the morning, they made breakfast, they washed, and the newsagent opened his shop.


It was the day of the Mardi Gras, and everyone was excited.  They built a great bonfire in the middle of the village, and they cooked big tasty pancakes.  When one side was cooked, they tossed them in the air and cooked the other side, then everyone gathered together and ate greedily.


After the pancakes they were sitting round the fire, when one of the villagers came through the trees carrying a lovely juicy pineapple.  They cut it up and everyone had some.  Then a little boy came running into the village, shouting.  He told everyone that he had been chased by a giant spider, with eight legs and eight horrible eyes, and it was coming towards them now.  Everyone in the village hid in the newsagent shop.  They were scared. 


The villagers wondered what to do.  They chose two brave girls who were the village rubbish collectors, to catch the spider.  They took a big pet carrier, put on their gloves, and went out into the trees.  When they saw the huge spider, went quietly up behind him, and grabbed him.  They opened the pet carrier, and pushed him inside.  They took him back and showed him to the frightened villagers, then they walked right to the other side of the woods, and let him go.  The giant spider was never seen again.


In the village everyone was very happy.  They baked a cake, and the shopkeepers brought sweets and ice cream for everyone.  There was the best party they had ever had, with drinking, eating singing and dancing late into the night.  At the end of the exciting day, they all went back to their stick houses, and fell happily asleep.