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Heads or Tails
A collection of items that I have written or collected that may be of interest ...

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Early Years Work - an approach


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This page is a mixture of things related to TIE.  Since 1981 it has been my major area of work, and I am committed to it in what I think of as an old-fashioned way, as a writer, director, and sometimes still performer. 

I established this page a few years ago, and had intended to develop it to include a wide range of items about TIE, which was at the time very sparsely represented on the web.  There is more out there now, including pages which are run by people in a better position to keep up with TIE news, and so I use this more as a repository for odds and ends that are less subject to becoming out-of date.  I will also try to get round to putting a good list of TIE links here, when I have the time….. If you have any ideas or contributions I would be pleased to hear from you - either by e-mail, or on the comments section of the website.

I have also posted onto the web site the whole script of Heads or Tails, the TIE play that I wrote a number of years ago about Steward Street School, an extraordinary school which during the war ran an experiment in arts education Please visit the site to read the script, or right-click on the title and save it/print it out.

The Little Boy - a story about teaching

Notes on the Devising process

Some Definitions of Terms

An article about TIE and the work of Boal

Some wonderful pictures of Steward Street School


[Nothing to do with TIE, but the only place on the website to include this.....