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Arts Council [West Midlands]
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Iagikun the storyteller travels the world with everything he needs strapped on his back.  Whenever he stops, he tells his stories, using only what he has in his bundle.  The story of Sun and Moon, is one of the oldest  and best tales of old Korea—telling how two brave children outwit the terrible tiger.  A tried and trusted mixture of excitement and dark humour, it is given a new twist in this wonderful, unusual version. 

Peter Wynne-Willson is one of  Birmingham’s best known writers and drama workers, but this project represents a rare chance to see him performing his own work.  The Sun and the Moon arose from his time in Korea during 2002, and was created in collaboration with a number of notable Korean artists, in a unique process which also involved local puppeteers and theatre workers.

Devised by Peter Wynne-Willson, with Choi Young Ai, Clive Chandler and Ali Belbin.

Additional input from Yang Hye Jung,  Song Jun Min and Mira Yugai.

Designed by Craig Denston

Poster by Yang Hye Jung

Directed by Ali Belbin


Sun and Moon is a one-person performance combining story-telling puppetry and music.  It can be performed in a small hall or similar space, to a maximum audience of 60.  The performance lasts for one hour.  It is suitable for any children in Key Stage One or Two.


The show is technically very simple, but Peter needs access to the space at least fifteen minutes before the performance.


For further details, or to book performances, please contact

Peter Wynne-Willson