Class 5L at St Vincent's School has just started their project.  We have already written stories and poems which will appear on this site.  Here are some of the ideas we started with

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Introduction to Haikus by Peter


Have you heard of a  
Is it a little furry animal? 
Is it a strange food, made from snake-meat? 
Is it a fish, glittering and pointless, in a tank?


No, itís a poemÖ..

Just like these little ones here

Japanese and quick


Nice little Haiku

Short but perfectly chosen

Sums everything up


Wonderful poem

Seventeen syllables long

But each one a gem


Why donít you try one ?

Perfectly simple to write

It doesnít take long


And here are some of the wonderful haiku written by pupils at St Vincent's...... 


Starting with one by the whole of Class 5L:


Sharks live in water.

Dangerous, intelligent,

Not always vicious.


And some by individual pupils......


The British weather 

Is always cold and not hot

In Summer it rains.



Outside is windy

It is also freezing cold

But itís not summer.



Dolphins are agile

Dolphins are intelligent

Dolphins like to swim



My school is quite good.

I keep slipping in the mud.

School I am quite good.



My school uniform

Yellow and very bright green

They are my school colours.



We do not run here

Respect all and belongings.

We keep the school tidy                      







Bugs bite you at night

People go mosque all day long

Run and play all day.



I draw very well

Groovy chicks are good right now

I like them a lot.



School is excellent

In school you get to learn lots

Also there are rules



I am a red belt

Getting to a yellow belt

I am very good.




November birthday

This year it is on Monday

I love my birthday



School is lovely

We learn at school and we play

School is the greatest.

Amy O.


The team I like best

Liverpool is what itís called

Their colours are red.





My dog likes to bite

The postman is the best, best

Penny is her name.




Royal Rumble's good

It is such a big event

You can not miss it.




I have a baby

A baby is very cute

A baby sister.



Green is a colour

It is my favourite colour

Also it is the best.



The school has hard rules.

There are ten rules, they are hard.

You always should smile.



Light green and yellow

That is my school uniform

They're my school colours.



The day I was sick,

It was terrible really,

Everything ached me.

                  Amy Mills


When I go dancing

I love dancing to good songs

I have great teachers.



I like Ronaldo

I also like Shevchenko

Really like Figo.



Basketball is great

I always play basketball        

I know lots of skills



We like our music

I go fishing and catching

Make models to fly.



My baby brother

Keontae is cute and good

I love him to bits



Food is delicious

Food has lots of vitamins  

Food is so scrumptious



I had a good dog

His little name was Jackie

He is very fast



My birthday is May

I would be ten years old then

If I live that long




And another poem by the whole class:


Exciting noisy classrooms displaying work like gardens showing flowers

Good hardworking children listening like sheepdogs with their masters

Dull, dusty staffroom full of talk like a conference of presidents

Wet concrete playground like a farmyard of clucking chickens

Smart miserable teachers drinking coffee like deer by a river


At the moment, we are working on versions of the Korean Story of Sun and Moon, which will appear here soon.......