Alphabet Introduction to Class 5N


A is for apple pie Adam,

and Amandeep who admires aunts.

B is for Ben who likes bouncing banging basketballs.

C is for a class of crafty creative kids…

D is for Davinder who adores his Dad

E is for Ehsan who likes elephants and eggs.


F and G and H are children who never come to school…


J is for jumping Jasneil, jogging Justin and Joga the Jackie Chan and Japan fan


Kenesha with a K likes colouring and cream,

And Laura likes lovely Lasagne.


L’mar likes lots of lemons and lollies.

Magical Marietta likes midgety mango

Manjeet and mysterious Matthew like Manchester United, and monopoly money,

Navjot is a nice noodle lover

Nahin likes noisy number nine November,

Oh and

Parveen with a P likes pizza.


A Queue of children are raring to go…


Reece likes riding racing rockets and rhinos

Rohin likes Rock the wrestler

S is for Sukhjinder,






Sunny and Shanice,

slippery snakes and

sizzling sausages,

which certainly seems several esses too many… somehow, since…


The class




A Xavier or a Yogesh


But there is a Zara and a Zakir with their zebra and zig-zag zoo.


Letters make up some poems together…..


[Here are some of our poems made up together...]


The Park


I went to the park and I saw

One solid silky slippery slide

Two dreadful dribbling digging dogs

Barking behind three brilliant bushes

Four chicken-flavoured cheeky chip-shaped children

Five fragrant forgotten fluffy flowers



The City Centre

I went to town and I saw

A Christmas shopper, shopping like a hungry shark,

Buildings growing like shooting beanstalks,

Fountains squirting like spouting whales

Dogs barking like a giant’s roar

And business-people working, like cogs and chains in a super work-amatic machine.



And a small selection of work by individuals...........


Life in the playground for Jackie


Life in the playground was very hard for Jackie. When she was younger it was easy for her to make friends but it’s harder now she’s grown up. Now people tease her about everything - her size, her brains, her weight and her religion. She tries to hide the fact that she’s getting bullied at home and at school, but people know something’s wrong but they don’t know what it is and what to do about it.


Ben Lyons





I went to the leisure center and saw




One instructor shouting like a vicious gorilla.

Two children splashing like whales.

Three adults racing like cheetahs.

Four little babies running around like small kittens.

Five children in the changing rooms are slipping like slippery snails slime.

Six people shouting like a thunder storm.

Seven babies screaming like an angry mob.

Eight men and ladies diving like dolphins.



          By Shanice Nugent





A trip to the sealife centre. 


I got there by coach,

Saw a boat

When I got there,

I saw a Jelly fish

Then I felt fishy,

Went to the bathroom

And done a sicky.

Then it was dinny,

Felt sick again

So went to the bathroom

and done a sicky againy

then they were going to send me homey

but I felt betty.







                          I went to the leisure centre and saw...



One shower and was in there for half an hour.


Two tall men playing basketball like a mean machine.


Three body builders working like hogs.


Four body guards standing like sticks.


Five children splashing like dolphins.                      








     Saint James School






It was Halloween, the air was cold and misty. Three boys were playing football in front of their school. One of the boys kicked the ball into the middle of the  road. The same boy went to get the ball. Suddenly the fog began to grow and grow and it was getting colder. As he bent down to reach the ball he felt funny. He felt as if he was in a freezer. Just as it was beginning to get to colder he knew it was the return of the Halloween Ghost.


By Amandeep kaur Rai 

5N Saint James Primary School.






My poem.








Me and my mates went on a trip for two nights and three days.

Just for fun we went on a course

And I saw a horse.

We went canoeing

 People were booing .

We were climbing rocks

Even though I forgot my socks.  I felt wicked when I fell in the water, It was dark when a dog gave a bark.


                                ZAKIR SALIM .

                                                       Class  5N.