Big Sid is a large scale-puppet, ideal for use as a walkabout figure at outdoor or indoor events,  in processions and  carnivals, streets and shopping centres.  Operated from within, but built from the operator's body, he is remarkably agile and versatile, walking, running jumping and dancing, and interacting with an audience, shaking hands and patting heads.


Big Sid dancingSid was designed and built by world-renowned puppet maker, Mary Edwards, for a major international festival of puppetry, and has Since appeared at many events.  He now has a range of costumes for different purposes.  He is at his best when accompanied by live music, and has often appeared with jazz or brass bands, with drummers and accordionists that can move around a crowd with Sid.  He also has his own mobile music box, which can be operated by his minder, if no live music is available.



 While Sid's scale makes him inappropriate for small indoor spaces [he can wriggle through a normal door for access, but low ceilings give him back problems!] he will try his hand at most things.  Children of all ages have been entranced by this friendly giant, and he has been known to dance the night away with grown-ups too.  Because of the physical exertion of operating Sid, he will generally work in 30 minute sessions, up to four in a performance day.  Exact schedules of appearances are of course negotiable.


The cost of booking is 250 a day plus travel for Sid himself with dresser/minder and mobile music box, with good rates available for combination with musicians


Also available for booking are Sid's companion puppet Bella, who is similar in style and size, and two beautiful Punch and Judy puppets, slightly larger, and ideal for processions or events.......


For information on any of these puppets, Call Peter Wynne-Willson on [0044] 121 523 6157, or e-mail to: