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Thank you for visiting my website, which is a mixture reflecting the strange assortment of activities that make up my working life.  There is   a section on current projects, which I try to keep reasonably up-to-date,  and in particular any that there is some possibility of becoming involved in, or which hold some wider interest.  There is also a glorified CV, what is in effect an archive section, called recent projects, where things that have appeared as current projects go to live when they are no longer current.


I have been having problems with the site recently, which has meant that all the page titles and links between pages have gone missing, and some of the content is very out of date.   I apologise for this - I am trying to learn a new software package so that I can re-do and update the site.  In the meantime if you need to know anything you can't find, please e-mail me at


I hear: I forget.....I see: I remember....I do: I UNDERSTAND

The website is something I use for my free-lance work, and so some elements here are for visiting in particular by those involved, but may interest other passing surfers.  In particular there is often work held here that is done by young people involved in projects.

I believe in arts with a purpose.  My background is in Theatre-in-Education, and my work nowadays all springs from that.  I am a young people's theatre writer, sometimes director, also involved in a range of projects related to drama, arts in schools, puppetry.  In recent years, two things have happened to the focus of my work:  one is an increasing specialism in Early Years work, and the other a wonderfully fruitful ongoing relationship with South Korea. 

I live with my family in BirminghamIf I am involved in something, I like it to be trying to change the world, in however small a way……

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